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Mechiato, Odoo Partner

For the past 16 years, Mechiato has provided CRM consulting services to construction and civil engineering firms. At Mechiato, we help clients to maximize ROI by optimizing workflow and pipeline management. We are here to provide implementation and training to enable your sales team better connect with prospects and clients. This will help accelerate sales engagement and deal closures. Our consultants also provide training and support in Odoo-Mautic integration services.


Our Clients                         


The  Open Source Parts

Apps We Offer


Website Builder                 
  • Form Builder
  • Call-to-Action Block
  • A/B Testing
  • eCommerce

  • Shipping Connectors
  • eBay Connector
  • Point of Sales

  • Communication
  • Time Sheet
  • Survey
  • Appointments

  • Human Resources
  • Inventory 
  • Manufacturing
  • Procurement   

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Camilla Degasperus

Dedicated in ERP and marketing automation consulting, Camilla has over 10 years of experience since the inception of SAP.  On September 26th, she will talk about Odoo-Mautic Integration and on-boarding procedure for Mautic enterprise edition. She will also provide one-on-one support to help users who are currently using the latest Odoo/Mautic Open Source editions.

Joan Mykos

Having headaches on front-end bugs? fear no more! Joan's here on the rescue. He's a full stack web developer with over 13 years of experience in trouble-shooting and building websites. This month, he will showcase some powerful features in Odoo web builder. He will also mention ways to optimize site speed and boost your website ranking on Google/Bing search engine. So, stay tuned! 

About US


Mechiato is a ERP/CRM consulting company. It has been in business for 20 years and served both SMEs and Fortune 500 companies. Our goal is to provide critical software deployment and support to enterprises to ensure productivity and efficient workflow. We are a partner Odoo, Mautic, SAP, Orion, and HubSpot. Depending on your company's operational needs, and budget, Mechiato provides on-boarding, training, and support. Our consultants and engineers work together to provide you with friendly customer experience.

“In the past, I was relying on back-to-back meetings to keep every one of my employees informed in the company.  Now with Odoo/Mautic installed, things are more streamlined and less bureaucratic than before.”

Jeffrey Santos

Ferriz Inc., Vice President 

“It's interesting to transition from Orion to Odoo. Thanks to team Mechiato's training with us on on-boarding! James and my team really think Odoo has made our workflow faster. We enjoy working with you all.”

David Samson

DoCode LLC, Director

We're here to empower your team!


As with any decision, knowledge is power. Understand, a consultant is there as an advisor and a good consultant will give good advice. You need a consultant with years of industry knowledge and implementation capabilities that will listen to your needs and provide proper support. Go with a partner with proven track record. Maybe your company is in tune with all the needs it has. Or maybe you do not want to replace your shipping and receiving software or sales software, but need a better order entry and finance component, then the consultant can address that specific need for you.

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