Pilot your inbound marketing with Mautic

At IDEO, our MarTech experts provide Mautic enablement services to guide you through use cases in e-blasts and sequential logic in marketing automation.  Want to grow your customer base? Take a test drive in Mautic to discover opportunities to expand more target segments and optimize conversion rates.

An automated sequence to activate ready-to-buy customers

Launch your B2C marketing initiatives using Mautic marketing automation and social monitoring functions. An advanced setup to nurture awareness and cement brand loyalty. With smart tracking pixel from the Mautic marketing assets, customers will be impressed that your company remembers their interests and preferences. Transforming your marketing initiatives into something uniquely tailored to your end-customers.

Tell your customers a story  

Loyalty starts from liking your brand and seeking you out on Day One. This is how brand affinity works. The more you use influencers and other customers to promote your brand, the more sales you will get! 

1. Target the right audience

2. Social media Marketing

3. Engage across channels

4. Make customers crave

Marketing Automation for B2C Companies

What we do in Ideaggio 

Did you know that Mautic was recently acquired by Acquia? Well, this is great news. Mautic is now a more advanced Open Marketing automation on the Cloud; while many companies are locked into Marketing SaaS with high annual subscription cost. At Ideaggio, we integrate Open Source marketing automation with your CRM to reduce your operating costs.

Time to escape from enterprise SAS Subscriptions!

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Open Source Marketing Automation

Mautic is an open source solution. It covers all the essential features in marketing automation. From autoresponder, re-engagement campaigns, e-blast, focus item, social monitoring to dynamic content. Mautic offers an all-in-one suite where you can create and categorize subscribed members into different areas you want to market to. You can also place contacts into segments based on industries and interest level. This way, your organization can refer to details recorded in Mautic database and gain insights about which target segment are engaged and most likely to respond to campaigns.

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