Open Source Marketing Technology 

Open source is awesome and there are many reasons why SMEs, nonprofit, and large organizations should adopt open source software. The primary reason is lower TCO (total cost of ownership). Whether your company has a small or large list of contacts, the average monthly cost in open source software is lower than proprietary software such as Marketo and HubSpot. Mautic is one of the best open source solutions for marketing automation. Contact us to learn more.

Why choose Mautic, an open source marketing solution

Unlike other SAS solutions, Mautic does not require users to pay a high upfront cost for software deployment. As number of contacts grows, your monthly cost per instance goes down. Businesses won't face extreme price hikes. Depending on the infrastructure setup by your sysadmin, the largest Mautic server capacity can support up to 200k contacts.

Mautic Plugins & Integrations

Custom Mautic MarTech Starter Solution

With custom coded templates  and appealing designs tailored to your organization's branding, IDEO graphic designers and copywriters will highlight to best of your company.

Organizing target segments are made simple with Mautic Contact Segments.

Schedule your emails at precise dates and times based on the countries of interest

Build campaigns with automation logic in response to engaged contacts

Use analytics data to monitor and optimize campaigns

Create reports with detailed breakdown in terms of campaign performance


Spruce up your landing pages with content and custom forms

IDEO, your Mautic Marketing Technology Implementer 

We offer business owners Mautic consulting service to advise on campaign building & optimization, contacts management, in-depth data analyses and custom reporting.

Whether you are currently using self-hosted solution or managed Mautic SaaS, both Mautic solutions can lower your upfront cost. Instead of pouring a high initial investment into the software, you can divert investments to optimize your marketing infrastructure and assets. Making your business grow in full-fledged momentum without beholdened into proprietary SaaS contracts.
Mautic reduces monthly cost on training and support in the long run. The most unique feature in open source marketing automation is you are not paying the right to use an underlying intellectual property. Overtime, your business benefits from the latest updates in the open source community. Plus, you can give feedback to developers to add enhanced features in the open source software.

“Mautic Open Source Solution is widely adopted in home renovations & interior design. As a marketer in the industry, we're experiencing rise in interest after deploying marketing automation and social media awareness campaigns.”

  Monica Sache

  Marketing Manager 

“Mautic has brought in endless opportunities to our construction materials marketing team. It has been a terrific experience deploying a series of email marketing and automation going live.”

  Dan Parks

  Digital Campaign Initiatives Coordinator

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